Use Full SEO On Page Factors

Write an article SEO optimized is a matter of detail, since besides the article itself should be drawn up even the plug-in fields in turn.

How to write an SEO article for journalism? It begins with the title and subtitle decide, take two minutes to evaluate well the word or group of words chosen as key will be essential for the construction of our article. Explanation In this article has been chosen as the main keyword “SEO”, the category is how-to advice that I can give you is to decide well before starting to write the article some fundamental factors for writing:

1. KEYWORDS: keyword or SET of Keywords.

2 META KEYWORDS: Meta Keywords, in addition to the main keyword, other pairs of KEYWORDS that might do for ours, usually related words with which we want to find on the SEARCH ENGINES.

3 META DESCRIPTION: Meta Description is tantamount to what appears under the title in search engines, as you can see from the image in the article SEO articles.

4 TAGS: Tags are important, although not as much as the meta keywords should be entered separated by commas and may also be composed of several words, they mean that you can create a good Web of connection between items that have the same tag and then allow you to reinforce the subject matter, then inserted the tag on the category choice and tags that reinforce the search position in relation to the subject discussed, in my case I chose SEO article, build plug-ins, write an article, Word press SEO by Yoast, optimize an article, how to. You may have noticed that I put the tags on the plug-in that we use, the main keyword, other words reinforcing the Meta keywords.

Remember that you have to put the main keyword at the beginning of the title, the subtitle to the top positions, and in the first paragraph, in these three positions must be comply with the directives, while in the rest of the article need to reach an appropriate number of repetitions to make page parsing deems sufficient the percentage submitted.